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New Things Coming We’re still in the midst of the school holidays this side and I find that last week passed in such a blur of activity that this week caught me a little by surprise. I have been working furiously on an update for the Sugar Tree digital home and I can’t wait to […]


Moving to a new neighbourhood means you get to scout out the area and find fun new places to do portraits. This can be a really fun and daunting task at the same time. But throw in your 15 year old teenage son and it turns into an entirely different adventure altogether. No time to […]


You’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to have a photoshoot. You’ve found your photographer and booked a session date. Now you can finally sit back and wait for the shoot date to arrive. Nothing more to plan until the shoot rolls around, right? Wrong…….!!! :p Booking the shoot is the first step in the […]


In a world of hustle, taking time to sit down and relax is often seen as a waste of valuable time. But more studies are showing that stepping back and relaxing is key to our well being. We usually think this requires an elaborate vacation or day out. But nothing could be further from the […]


Mary and Sunny’s intimate Little Bay Wedding There’s something so calming about a weekday wedding. The timeline and venues can be exactly the same as a Saturday wedding, but somehow they feel far less rushed. Perhaps it’s the fact that most everyone else is at work and the roads and beaches are quieter? Or maybe […]


La Jardinerie Girod Garden Centre, situated on the outskirts of Ollon, Switzerland, in the town of St. Triphon is a delight for anyone who loves to spend time in the garden. From large tree’s in every variety to small indoor house plants, you are spoilt for choice from the minute you enter the doors. And […]


An 18th is such a big birthday to celebrate and with big birthday’s come big expectations. Once your kids hit the teen years it’s so hard to throw a party that they would consider worthy of their time. They definitely WANT a party, but it’s the type of party that always ends up being the […]


  Travel Series: Switzerland – Champrey Champrey, the beautiful Swiss mountain village nestled between the peaks of the Dents-du-Midi and the summits of the Dents Blanches, is the perfect scenic ending to this travellers view of a small part of the country that stole my heart. As I finish off this travel series chronicling my […]


As a little girl I always dreamed of living in a castle (which little girl doesn’t!!) With a moat and high towers, lots of beautiful horses and a prince charming to save the day. The castle in this week’s blog post (which is a long one, I’m just warning you! 🙂 ) definitely didn’t have […]


Part 3: Aosta, Italy & the St. Bernard Pass This weeks blog is all about majestic mountain views, brightly coloured streets, old buildings and the most delicious pizza. I’m midway through my travel series on Switzerland and this week is technically more about Italy – the little town of Aosta in particular and the magnificent […]